linen tea towel Bonnie Brae lemon

€16,50 Incl. tax

Bright coloured 100% linen tea towel. Spun and woven in Belgium from Western European flax. It leaves no lint, absorbs more moisture than a cotton tea towel, is durable. And ready for use, no need to wash it beforehand.

Size: 70cm x 70cm.

Certificate: Masters of linen. This label garantuees that the complete production process has taken place in Europe, from the flax from which linen is woven to the finishing.


  • Machine washable (max. 60°, but 30° or 40° will do as well).
  • Avoid chlorine bleaches, these tend to corrode the fiber.
  • Dry the towel if possible on the clothesline, which is better for the product and for the environment.
  • In case you use the dryer: avoid too high temperatures and 'extra dry' programs.
  • Ironing is best done with a steam iron on slightly damp cloth.

Lovely in combination with a guest towel from our bathroom textiles. Below you'll find a colour suggestion.

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