linen denim green

€49,50 Incl. tax

Strong, smooth and supple medium weight denim from organic linen, made from flax from the Netherlands and France.
What makes this fabric a denim, is the way it is woven: in twill weave, with those for jeans so characteristic diagonals at the back. Because of this weaving technique, the fabric does not lend itself well to be pleated (so less suitable for curtains), but otherwise you can use it for anything and everything: clothing (and not just jeans. Because of the smoothness of the fabric perfect for dresses as well), cushions, bags...

Fabric: 100% linen
Width: 150cm
Weight: 528gr per linear meter
Provenance: Austria
Certificate: GOTS

Shrinkage: 4% max.
Delivery: ca. 2 weeks

Also available in a range of other colours. Interested in another colour? Please contact us.

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