Fair Play Fabrics is an online shop for sustainable fabrics per meter and ready made textile products.

For we already pay attention to what we eat. But about our textiles we would also like to know: Where do they come from? From what and how were they made? By whom, and under what circumstances?

Fair Play Fabrics offers natural fabrics, fabrics made from plants: cotton, linen and hemp. As long as farmland is available, the resources for those fabrics are inexhaustible. This in contrast to synthetic fabrics, which are produced on the basis of fossil resources. And meanwhile we know that those resources are becoming scarce.

Another advantage of natural fabrics above synthetic ones, is that natural fabrics eventually decay. Synthetic fabrics do not. They contain miniscule particles of plastic, which keep wandering endlessly in the environment.

Our fabrics and ready made textile products are sustainable fabrics as well. For not every fabric of natural origin is sustainable. Take viscose, or rayon. It is produced from a plant-based material, cellulose. But it is also produced in a way which is not environmentally friendly.

And not less important: sustainability also means that the people who make the fabrics are respected.

Most of our fabrics and ready made textile products are organic fabrics, i.e. made from crops which are cultivated organically. For we adhere to a way of farming that does not deplete the soil and in which no artificial fertilizers and pesticides are needed. But there are crops which by nature have a relatively low ecological footprint: flax from which linen is made, and hemp. Organic linen and hemp are hardly available yet. When they are, you will find them here. But also non-organic linen and hemp are offered in this shop.

In short, Fair Play Fabrics' fabrics and ready made textile products

  • are produced as environmentally friendly as possible, preferably organically. Most products carry a label which guarantees the organic provenance. But we also offer fabrics which, though not organic, are made from plants with a relatively low ecological footprint;
  • are produced under decent working conditions. We all know the stories about the sweatshops where our fabrics and clothing are made under circumstances we for ourselves would never accept. Such fabrics will not be found in this shop. The labels are a guarantee in this respect too;
  • we source preferably near home to avoid unnecessary transport and the environmental impact thereof.